How To Pick The Right Contractor For A Luxury Home Remodel

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to making major changes to one’s home. However, when it comes to a luxury home remodel project, the ante becomes quite high and the stakes are even higher.

Material costs are much more expensive. Because of the exclusivity of some materials, shipping costs and wait times can impact a homeowner’s budget and timeline in drastic ways.

There is also the scope of the project itself. Is the home remodel taking on the entire house at once or going room by room? Will utilities be impacted in significant enough ways that the inhabitants of the home will need to relocate during the remodel? If the inhabitants can operate around the work being done and navigate life with the bare minimum, will necessities entail extra costs?

Needless to say, the questions abound and the scrutiny of every detail can be too much. Still, there is one particular matter that needs to be handled from the start and it has to be hit out of the park: finding the right contractor for the job. With so much money and so many details on the line, the last thing a homeowner needs is for their luxury home remodel project to be undone by a subpar contractor not fit to hold a hammer.

Finding the right contractor may seem like a major task. It starts by asking simple questions. For example: 

Reviews — Ask for testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients. Don’t be afraid to ask about any negative reviews so that you can gauge their response.

Access — Ask about their access to materials and suppliers. The last thing a homeowner wants is their project put on hold ‘indefinitely’ while materials are on the way.

Local — Find out about a contractor’s knowledge of the area. Construction projects are only as good as the literal foundation they’re built on. Knowing about local weather, ideal materials, and offering solutions about energy efficiency can be crucial ways to make up a return on the remodel investment.

Expertise — Remodeling is not the same as rebuilding. Furthermore, the homeowner has a vision for what they want. The right contractor understands the project and can deliver.

Finally, homeowners in the market for a luxury home remodel need to find a contractor with a significant amount of experience. In the world of luxury home remodeling and construction, there is no room for errors. Only the best contractors are capable of making a name for themselves in such a tough market.

The team at T. Locke Construction is one of these companies and we’re proud of it, too. We’ve served Austin and the surrounding area for more than two decades with quality craftsmanship — offering a variety of services that span the entire home inside and out — and our commitment to “Trust Through Transparency” throughout the entire process.

If you are looking for the right contractor for a home remodel in or near Austin, contact T. Locke Construction today and set-up a free, no-hassle consultation.

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