9 Secrets About Custom Country Homes in North Austin

It is no surprise that for a city as large as Austin, TX, it would be impossible to think of the city as just one entity. It is important to highlight what exactly makes North Austin unique from the rest of the city and surrounding area.

Part of what makes Austin so different from other cities in the U.S. is that it seems to morph every few years. Changes in populations, shifts in political leanings, and the rise in popularity of surrounding suburbs and smaller towns are just some of what keep Austin continually engaged in a never-ending tug-of-war in terms of its identity.

For many travelers on the I35 corridor, North Austin served as an area fit more for driving through than stopping. But over the last decade, the north side has boomed. Development projects have seen North Austin turn into a major player for the area and state in terms of attracting companies via corporate relocation. The north side has also become a wildly attractive area for those looking for ideal real estate space a stone’s throw away from the main city.

In the end, though, this is all info one can find in business and finance journals and insider PDFs. To truly get a feel for custom country homes in North Austin, it’s all about the secrets and the tea worth knowing that really make it interesting. Here’s what to know:

Residential Heavy — As much as businesses are being wooed by the area, it is new home construction and communities that are the real mainstays.

Family-Oriented — Due to this type of development, North Austin is very family-oriented. However, it is important to remember that higher-end studio apartments and the like are part of the scene as well.

Pedestrians — Finding areas that cater to pedestrians such as dedicated walkable spaces isn’t as easy as one might imagine. Other Austin suburbs like Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Round Rock tend to rank higher in terms of pedestrian-friendly areas comparatively-speaking.

Sports — North Austin is the place for youth sports, as well as adult coed sports. Plus, it’s home to MLS’s Austin FC.

North Austin also happens to be home to some amazingly good eats and boasts a lively nightlife. There’s a reason (among many) why it is often referred to as Austin’s ‘second downtown’.

While all of this is great info about North Austin, one might still be a little confused on how all of this ties to the ‘secrets’ of custom country homes in North Austin. Not only are they all insider tips, but in order to understand a home, one needs to understand the space it will inhabit. Need further proof? For a long time, prospective homeowners have wanted a custom home in North Austin because it kept them close but not too close to the heart of the city. But through massive growth, the city came to them. 

Also, two major cities on I35 affected by the never-ending construction are Waco and Austin. Waco traffic reports and even city government policy are impacted by construction issues. North Austin just started on the I35 CapEx North project, slated for completion in 2028. All of this to say that for those in North Austin, I35 (the main thoroughfare) will prove to be somewhat nightmarish for a time.

This means that those looking for a custom country home in North Austin will need to work with a custom home builder who can help them with a major task — redefine country living. T. Locke Construction is based in Austin. We know the market, understand how the area is changing, and can help create an innovative solution to the ‘country living’ dilemma that will leave you satisfied.

Contact T. Locke Construction of Austin today for a free, no-hassle consultation.

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