FAQs About Barndominiums

It is likely that if you have watched home remodeling TV programming in the last ten to fifteen years, you have heard of the term ‘barndominium’. All it took was a young couple in Waco, Texas with a vision, some grit and determination, and bam — a hot, new housing trend was born. And not just a trend. Barndominiums have become one of the fastest growing housing styles across the country in years. 

Though the history of the term dates back to the late 1980s, with the concept of the living space much, much further and in slightly different forms, barndominiums have taken the world by storm. They can fetch up to seven-figure sums and are often outfitted with every modern amenity one can imagine. Certainly, the ‘barn’ in barndominium is in name only. Nonetheless, they are popular.

But popularity alone doesn’t equal familiarity. Even the most casually interested prospective homeowner has a few questions about what a barndominium brings to the table. While general questions will vary, here are some of the most frequently asked:

What is a barndominium? In essence, an existing barn is turned into a home or a new barn is constructed with the express purpose of being a living space.

What do barndominiums do? They serve as unique primary residences or chic ways of ‘upcycling’ older structures for use in other ventures. 

Why are they a big deal? A popular home remodeling show changed the game on how cool these structures could be.

How about maintenance? According to most installers, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers, barndominium maintenance is relatively low to non-existent. However it is recommended that homeowners keep an eye on the structure for any issues, not to mention getting an annual inspection to be proactive.

Versatility? Barndominiums are revered for their versatility as they can move from  living space to work space pretty seamlessly. Often, these steel buildings will be used as a workshop, hobby storage, or other recreational endeavor as well as living quarters.

How safe are barndominiums? Not only are these buildings safe per state and federal guidelines, but they are also fire resistant and can withstand high winds.

In terms of the last major barndominium FAQs — overall cost and resale value — plenty can be said about the pros and cons that this type of steel building provides for homeowners. The real answers come from working with the right company who not only specializes in custom home builds but who also knows the area.

Enter T. Locke Construction of Austin. Our entire philosophy is simple — trust through transparency. Our aim is to be your family’s one-stop construction solution. So, whether it’s a barndominium or another type of build that’s uniquely YOU, click here to connect with us and request a free, no-hassle consultation today.

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