What You Are Going To Love About Rural Living

It may seem a bit presumptuous to tell someone that they’ll LOVE rural living, but truth be told, there are few things about this way of life that are hard not to like. In fact, the last few years have shown migratory patterns from congested urban areas to rural outposts grow almost exponentially. The growth has been so large and so quick that housing markets and commercial ventures have had a hard time keeping up.

Then again, therein lies part of what makes rural living nice — it gives folks a chance to just get away from it all. As far back as the mid-19th century, residents from congested cities on the East Coast flocked west in search of cleaner air on doctor’s orders. There is something about the healing nature of, well, nature that makes everyone want to bask in its glory.

Rural living in this day and age is not really any different when it comes to the things that one can come to love about it. For example:

  • There is less noise pollution, and you’ll be surprised at how much of a cacophony of chaos you lived with now that it is gone.
  • Getting around becomes easier as many smaller cities and towns have well-established transportation, not to mention are smaller in size and can be navigated by foot or bike.
  • Becoming acquainted with neighbors is a part of everyday life, as well as a good way of establishing a network of security for one another.
  • Access to space is possible, either through acreage that is one’s property or because of zoning meant to keep the area from overdevelopment.
  • Experiencing nights (i.e., seeing stars) is a glorious thing, not to mention being able to welcome lightning bugs signaling the changing seasons.
  • Rural living also lends itself to a lower cost of living, making a transition during a life change (e.g., divorce, retirement, death of significant other) a little easier.

But for all that there is to love about rural living, being ‘out in the sticks’ in the 1890s versus today is a whole different ball game. Anyone deciding that they want to relocate from an urban environment needs to know a bit about where they think they may end up. Do online research, check forums, and don’t be afraid to take a little road-trip. You may find that the quaint little town you’re banking on based on the city’s chamber of commerce webpage is not what it’s cracked up to be in person.

However, if you’ve made your mind up about rural living, then housing is where you need to focus. This is where the team at T. Locke Construction becomes your go-to partner. Our goal is to meet the aesthetic and personal needs of our clients no matter if they want a custom home built from scratch or a need to remodel an existing house. 

Thinking about rural living in Central Texas? Request a free, no-hassle consultation with us today.

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