The Best Home Remodel Projects To Increase Home Value

Anytime someone thinks about a home remodel project, the assumption is that a honeymoon period with a certain part of a home has ended. While that may be the case for a lot of folks, the truth is that home remodeling projects tend to be embarked upon as ways to raise the value of a home before it goes on the market. There was a time when curbside appeal was something as simple as a white picket fence and nice rose bushes. These days, home remodel projects are the way to make buyers take notice.

The most difficult thing about any remodeling endeavor in a home is that it tends to be quite personal. No matter the material, there is a certain amount of personality of the homeowner that comes through. The task of a good remodel is to create a neutral space that simultaneously has vision, depth, and exudes comfort. It is also important that the remodel gives as little work as possible to those coming afterward. The more time, effort, and money they have to dedicate to “cleaning up your mess” (as they might see it), the more it will impact what the home will be worth versus what it could have been worth.

It is also important to remember one guiding principle — a home remodel project is not the same as a home rebuilding project. A light hand is often the best approach, but it requires a lot of planning. And in order for a home’s resale value to move in the right direction, it requires knowing where best to invest one’s time and money. For example:

  • Updating the kitchen, which can include newer appliances, better plumbing, nicer countertops, and updated lighting fixtures.
  • Updating the bathroom, starting with a good cleaning and re-grouting; new fixtures and shower vs tub is worth consideration.
  • The attic or basement can be turned into usable spaces such as extra bedrooms and game rooms.
  • Updating HVAC systems is expensive, but few things will help a home add value like efficient heating and cooling systems, better ductwork, and ventilation that keeps the home from feeling stuffy.
  • Aside from a new front door, landscaping, or other major aesthetic changes, a new roof is a MASSIVE step in the right direction when it comes to increasing a home’s value.

But there may be a number of folks out there who can look at a list of home remodel ideas like this and think to themselves, ‘Do I really need to do all that?’ The truth is that no, you may not. Even something as simple as a little paint and changing out lightbulbs (maybe even the fixtures) can work wonders for a home’s value. The other major inhibitory factor to keep in mind is knowing how the housing market is doing at a given time. For the last few years, homes have been hard to come by, and those that do make it to market have been selling for WAY above market value…in most (but not all) cases. What’s a person to do?

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