The Best Rooms To Include When Doing Home Remodeling In Austin

While there are a number of cities that could vie for the top position in terms of Lone Star State home remodeling, Austin, TX stands as a fairly clear winner. In the last few years, it has become a magnet for all manner of people or corporate entities looking to uproot and start life again somewhere new. Although the reasons for the move to Austin abound, one reason that has made Austin and the surrounding cities and towns so popular has to do with the unmatched natural beauty provided by the Texas Hill Country.

There’s just one problem — you need to find available housing somewhere.

While entire studies and research papers can be (and are) dedicated to the ebbs and flows that exist within the central Texas housing market, it can be whittled down to one major statement:  the housing market is insane, especially if a home buyer is trying to stay within the Austin city limits. However, if there is a willingness to push outward a little, things become a little clearer (read: not easier).

Furthermore, according to the latest numbers, the frenzy of home buying that hit the market between 2020-early 2022 is not quite the same. This was a time when sellers were able to get six-figure offers over asking price for their homes. These days, the pendulum seems to have swung a bit in the other direction, making it tougher for sellers to unload their homes.

For the Austin homeowner looking to get someone’s attention on the market, knowing how to make their home stand out from the crowd is crucial. The best way to make this happen is remodeling their home in order to ‘zhuzh up’ areas of the home that may have fallen into disrepair or just need a major update. Though it would be nice to say that there is an unlimited budget with which to work, most homeowners need to focus on certain areas of the home for their remodeling project(s).

In order to get the most bang for the buck, rooms to include would be:

Kitchen — In many respects, the kitchen has become the new living room. With modern open floor plans, robust appliances, and seating that invites congregating, choosing to remodel a kitchen is a great way to make even a quaint home come alive.

Bathroom — Floor plans, wall décor, and fixtures for bathrooms can become antiquated very quickly. Choosing to go with classic, timeless looks, as well as modern features, makes any bathroom stand out.

Bedroom — The modern bedroom is much different than before. Homeowners demand more from them than just being places to sleep. Better shelving and storage, greater access to natural light, updated lighting fixtures, and new flooring can turn any bedroom into something breathtaking.

Even if a homeowner is not in the market to sell their home, they may still look to home remodeling to change things up a bit. A house is supposed to be one’s home. However, when one settles for what is already there, the space just doesn’t feel as special. In terms of home remodeling, Austin residents could use the respite. The city ranks 19th in the country for worst traffic, with drivers losing an average of 53 hours to traffic delays in 2022.

Luckily, the home remodeling Austin has available is something special. That’s where our team here at T. Locke Construction steps in. We are a family-owned construction company dedicated to helping our clients, no matter if it is a from-scratch dream home or a bit of a makeover.

Touch base with us and request a free, no-hassle consultation today.

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