What Every Home Buyer Should Know About Custom Home Builders In North Austin

Given the unprecedented global health event of the last few years, it might surprise you to know that a great number of people were actually on the move. In fact, if you talk to enough custom home builders, North Austin the central Texas area in general became one of the country’s leading areas in new construction during that time period. While the reasons for the move to the Lone Star State vary, one thing was clear — central Texas needed to be ready for the influx in population.

The issue, unfortunately, is that housing has been a tough go for Austin and the surrounding areas. The city has steadily been creeping up the list of fastest growing areas in the country year after year. Keeping housing affordable has been a bit of a challenge. Couple that with a record-high corporate relocation that has bumped up average salaries and cost of living, and housing has now hit levels not seen before.

In many ways, the growth of Austin has been the worst kept secret in the country. Everyone knows the city well, has flocked to it, and has essentially gotten their friends to come on down. As one might expect, this has caused a massive shift in housing, pushing many new and older residents of Austin proper to surrounding areas a bit outside city limits. While the sights and sounds of Austin are something to behold, many would argue that being in the natural beauty and wonder of the Texas Hill Country is a pretty good trade-off.

However, North Austin (and the state as a whole) is greatly impacted by one major element that is about as Texan as longhorn cattle — Interstate 35. This major freeway came to Austin in 1962, adding its well-known upper decks in 1975. But while the roads have remained relatively unchanged in that time, the population has exploded. New construction over the years has made it such that as one travels north out of Austin, it is hard to see when Austin ends and a new city begins.

Not only is construction of I-35 a north and south venture, it is also pushing out, changing the landscape in major ways. Also on the books is the anticipated start to the multi-billion dollar I-35 Capital Express Central project. It is estimated to last about a decade, has a number of businesses and residents on record for planned displacement, and will be taking down the iconic upper decks in a Top 20 worst traffic in the U.S. city.

As a home buyer, one might ask themselves why any of this is important. Given what Austin is about to endure for the next ten years, building or renovating a home is going to get complicated. Custom home builders will be inundated with clients eager to leave Austin proper and venture out into a neighboring city/town, a trend already taking place. For some builders, this means nothing but salad days galore. Nothing but new builds and work slated for the next few years sounds nice.

But home buyers need to find the RIGHT custom home builder for the job so that their needs are met. The builder needs to know the area and understand plans for changes ahead. T. Locke construction is based in Austin. We’ve seen how the city and surrounding area has changed and found ways to meet the needs of all of our clients.

When it comes to turning one’s vision into a reality between custom home builders, North Austin trusts one name — T. Locke Construction.

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